Maintaining a Professional Industry

Variants of smoking have been around for hundreds, even thousands of years, but vaping has made an astonishing impact in a surprisingly short amount of time. By taking advantage of this booming market, you’re able to sell to a hip new customer base full of people who are willing to make high-dollar initial purchases and then keep coming back for more.

Free Merchant Terminal can help!

However, because vaping is still fairly new, the legality is a bit grey in some jurisdictions.

That means traditional payment processors are often uncomfortable with maintaining a merchant account with vape companies, usually because they’re not very well informed on the legality of vaping. You need a payment processor that’s willing to take some risks with you, creating a professional look for an industry that’s sometimes seen as unprofessional.

Free Merchant Terminal is the processor you need. By choosing Free Merchant Terminal, you can:

Recurring Billing

Set up a subscription service, with recurring billing options available.

Fraud Proof

Keep all types of fraud at bay, reducing your liability.

Create Store

Create an e-commerce store that’s simple and easy to use.

Strong Reputation

Maintain a reputation that’s fun but respectable.

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Staying Above the Table

As a vape company, you know exactly what laws apply to your business, and you know what you have to do to make legal, ethical sales. By selling only to customers who are of age, ensuring that you don’t ship to markets where vape supplies are illegal, and stocking safe, reliable products, you can substantially reduce your risk.

Free Merchant Terminal can help you maintain all the legal requirements. Don’t worry about customers illegally purchasing vape products with a credit card belonging to someone else; Free Merchant Terminal’s advanced fraud detection will help you stop these problems in their tracks.

A New Subscription

It’s likely that you only have a thriving e-commerce website set up. However, like many other e-commerce merchants, some vape companies are moving to auto-ship subscriptions. These subscriptions allow customers to set up a recurring billing structure, so you can ship their favorite vape supplies to their home on a regular basis. If you’ve seen this with other merchants, you may want to start implementing it immediately, and with Free Merchant Terminal, you can.


It’s easy to add recurring subscriptions to your payment portal with Free Merchant Terminal. These subscriptions are a great way to keep customers coming back for more, and with Free Merchant Terminal, they’re easier than ever to provide.

Making the Vape Industry Respectable

Plenty of people mistakenly think of vape companies as inherently irresponsible. You can be one of the companies changing that! By providing high-quality customer service, genuine products, and a simple, secure payment process, you can make sure your image is as respectable as the best e-commerce stores.


The first key to becoming respectable is being trustworthy, and that’s where Free Merchant Terminal truly shines. Free Merchant Terminal’s secure, third-party servers allow your customers to make their payments with the knowledge that they’re safe from fraud while making their purchases. That makes you a leader in the industry.