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Offering a free trial can help introduce customers to your product. Those free trials can then turn into a paid subscription once the trial period ends. By rolling the trial into the paid version, your customers can continue using the service without having to provide payment information all over again. You increase customer retention while your customers enjoy a streamlined payment process. It’s truly a win-win.

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Unfortunately, many people associate this system with fraud on both sides.

Some customers have discovered fraudulent ways to sign up for multiple trials so they can use your service free, indefinitely. Depending upon the product or service you offer, you may also have strict guidelines for customer use, making it extremely important that you catch fraud as quickly as possible.

On top of that, many customers have had bad experiences with companies that offer free trials. Some companies make it so hard to cancel a free trial that a first month automatic payment is nearly assured. In any industry, it’s important for both seller and customer to feel secure in the relationship.

However, none of that means that free trials are inherently bad in any way. They can help you promote and maintain your business while allowing customers to try out your product or service before paying for it.

Continuity / Trial

At Free Merchant Terminal, you can:


Track fraud

Track fraud without inconveniencing honest customers.


Secure Server

Host the payment process on a secure Onncore server, giving you and your customers peace of mind.


Recurring Billing

Easily set up recurring billing.


High Quality Service

Keep track of all customer payments, including subscriptions

Recurring Billing in a Snap

Subscriptions use recurring automatic payments, usually set on a month-to-month cycle. That means you need a company able to handle recurring billing and alert you to fraud, expired credit cards, and other hurdles that may arise.

That’s where Onncore comes in. With Onncore online billing, you can provide your customers with a simple billing structure that’s easy for them to understand and just as easy for you to handle.

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Multiple Payment Integration Systems

An increasingly popular payment structure combines both subscription services and e-commerce sales. Customers can purchase a subscription, pay for individual services and items, or combine both.


If this is your company’s business model, Onncore can help! By working through Onncore, you can set up both a general e-commerce site and recurring billing. You can provide your customers with as many options as you want, all using one simple payment gateway.

Personalized Fraud Protection

Different subscription services have to deal with different types of fraud. If you’re worried about fraud in your customer base, you need to single out questionable purchases without inconveniencing the rest of your customers.

Onncore can assist on all fronts. By providing high-quality, responsive customer service, Onncore will help you reduce instances of fraud while improving the buying experience for all your customers.