Standing Tall in Court

Court isn’t for the faint of heart. To win cases, you have to be highly skilled and know exactly how to defend your clients or back up their claims. Many consider law school the most difficult schooling of all. While attending law school is a high-risk financial endeavor, it’s nothing compared to the risk you take on once you’re actually in the industry.

Free Merchant Terminal can help!

Many legal protection agencies take payments only after they’ve won a case for a client.

Although this can be a great way to increase the number of people who take interest in your company, it also increases your personal risk. After all, if you don’t win cases, your business will suffer.
Because payment processors are usually looking for a guaranteed sale, they’re generally averse to collaborating with high-risk agencies such as those working in legal protection.
At Free Merchant Terminal, we believe that high risk also means high reward.

By partnering with Free Merchant Terminal, you can:

Payment gateways

Offer different payment gateways for different customers.

Track fraud

Track fraud as soon as it happens.

Customers security

Provide your customers with a sense of security.

Large payments

Take large payments easily.

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Different Types of Payment Processing

If you’re going to help someone through legal issues, you’ll almost always be working with in person. However, that doesn’t always mean the customer will pay in person. He or she may prefer to pay from home once you’ve won the case, or you may work out a payment plan that involves multiple online payments.

Whether you’re accepting payments online, in person, or a mix of the two, Free Merchant Terminal has a solution for you. You can integrate with the most well known payment options currently on the market, and allow customers to use any of those options at a physical checkout counter or via an online payment portal.

No-fraud Zone

Every company has to be on the lookout for fraud, but high-risk companies have to be even more vigilant. Your payment structure is built upon a less secure setting, which means that even missing a few payments due to fraud can be enough to make a major dent. You need someone to help point out potential fraud, so you can focus on your court cases.


Free Merchant Terminal is the best place to find these fraud detection tools. No matter what type of fraud comes up, you’ll be able to track it and trace it to the source, making it easier to avoid next time.

Third-party Security

Lawyers and other law experts sometimes have a bad perception as being untrustworthy. Some clients in need of legal services may be wary of handing over their money—especially if the fee is high. It’s important to win over these people so you can maintain your standing in the legal industry.

  • Free Merchant Terminal opens up the option to transfer your payment portal over to a third-party secure server. This way, your customers will know they have nothing to worry about, and you can reduce your liability.
  • When you trust Free Merchant Terminal with your payment processing needs, we take away some of the risk so you can focus on your legal battles, not financial ones.