Managing Your High-Risk Problems

If you manage a travel company, you probably have a pretty solid grasp on how the industry works. Providing people with the opportunity to experience a new world can be extremely fulfilling, both in a personal sense and in a financial one.

Although the travel industry can be an incredible business venture, that potential comes with a high possibility for risk.

Merchant payment providers consider travel companies at high risk for chargeback fraud because of their large average order payment. If someone decides to issue a fraudulent chargeback after taking a trip worth thousands of dollars, it could be a substantial blow to your business, especially if it’s in the early stages of operation. Creating an account with a traditional card processing company can be difficult when you own a high-risk company.

Free Merchant Terminal can help!

However, even high-risk businesses need to be able to process payments.

Whether you’re establishing a travel company or just looking to reduce your current payment processing fees, Free Merchant Terminal can help. With state-of-the-art processing and security features, you can protect yourself from all types of fraud in a personalized.

At Free Merchant Terminal, your travel company can:

Easy Tracking

Stay protected from chargebacks, even ones with high dollar amounts

Track Fraud

Track all sorts of fraud, not just chargeback fraud

Online and offline payment mode

Process transactions for large dollar amounts, and work with Free Merchant Terminal to provide personalized payment terms

Multiple Payment Options

Securely accept a wide range of payment options, such as Apple Pay, in person, or online

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Help When You Need It

High-risk merchants need simple, responsive customer service. As soon as fraud is detected, you need a customer service representative to help you deal with it in a way that doesn’t harm your business.

Free Merchant Terminal can help your business deal with fraud, especially chargeback fraud, as soon as it happens. Get help whenever there’s a problem and work through fraud alerts by working with Free Merchant Terminal.

Large Purchases with Small Risk

Travel companies are known for having large average order sizes, especially when selling exclusive experiences, plane tickets, or some combination of the two. If your average order totals in the thousands of dollars, you need a payment partner that can easily take large payments and securely protect you from fraud.


If you’re accepting large payments regularly, you can move your payment process to Free Merchant Terminal’s private servers. This makes sure all your customers’ payments are made using the most modern security features on the market, and it minimizes your liability in the event of fraud. When one mistake could cost thousands of dollars, it’s the best option for everyone.

International Options

Travel companies often span borders, with the same company sometimes offering services in dozens of countries. Customers in different countries have different preferred methods of payment and different preferred currencies, and accepting all of them can boost your business substantially.


Constructing your own system to cover those options can be time-consuming and costly, but not taking advantage of international customers will reduce business. The solution? Use Free Merchant Terminal for built-in international reach at your fingertips.