Making the Most Out of Risk

Cruises are extremely popular because they give people an escape to lands and waters they never would’ve experienced otherwise. If you run a cruise line, you know how much people appreciate the services you offer. You also know that making these experiences simple and streamlined for your customers is an important part of their enjoyment.

Free Merchant Terminal can help!

Cruise lines carry a monumental amount of risk, along with being extremely expensive to operate.

The average price of a cruise booking is very high, which means that fraud can impact your business heavily. If a payment is flagged as fraudulent, you may not end up being able to recoup those expenses.

Customers need to be confident that their payment information is in safe hands, while you need a payment processor that can handle any issues. Unfortunately, industry requirements make it difficult for a cruise provider to establish a merchant account.

The good news is that Free Merchant Terminal can help both you and your customers that shell out thousands of dollars. Free Merchant Terminal will help you take payments and protect your business at the same time.

Cruise lines

With Free Merchant Terminal, you can:


Secure Payment Options

Take large payments safely.


Supported Payment Options

Establish yourself as a leader in the industry, with a wide variety of supported payment options.


Fraud Proof

Keep chargeback fraud at bay.


High Quality Service

Protect yourself from dishonest customers, while providing high-quality service to honest customers.

Large Orders? No Problem!

Cruises are extensive travel experiences, and that means you’re probably taking orders worth thousands of dollars each day. You need to feel safe dealing with that amount of money, and your customers need to feel comfortable making those payments.

At Free Merchant Terminal, you can host your payment process on our private servers, lowering liability for both you and your customers. You can also take payments from a variety of sources, so customers can use their preferred payment option.

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The good news is that Free Merchant Terminal can help!

We work with clients of every size. If you are in need of a safe, customer-oriented nutraceutical processing service, look no further.


Because cruise lines deal with such large purchases and are at such high risk for fraud, it’s extremely important to stay on top of business fraud alerts and inquiries. Your payment processor should have your back and be able to handle these problems with you.

With Free Merchant Terminal, you’re not just dealing with competent customer service. We provide the best in the industry, so you’re always taken care of, no matter what you’re dealing with.


Free Merchant Terminal gives you access to remote tracking that helps you stay up to date. Both the bad and the good are included, meaning you can stay up to date on your business’ profits while being immediately notified if you’re dealing with fraud. Both sides are important, and both sides are covered.