Digitizing More Than Just Marketing

Digital marketing isn’t just on the rise; it’s transforming advertising. More and more businesses are capitalizing on their social media accounts, targeted advertisements, and other forms of SEO and keywording that can circulate content across the web.

As a marketer, you need to ensure that your clients have the utmost faith in your skills—and ensure you’re compensated appropriately for your work.
When you’re working with people you rarely see face-to-face, though, there are risks to consider. That’s why it can be a little difficult to gain access to a marketing merchant account.

That’s where Free Merchant Terminal can help. With Free Merchant Terminal, your Biz Opp company can:

Digitize invoices

Digitize your project invoices for safekeeping and consistent filing

Automate billing process

Automate your billing process so clients receive their bills on time

Remote access

Enjoy remote access to your files, allowing for work to be done on the road

Secure relationship

Ensure that client information remains safe and secure, improving your relationship with your consumer audience

Embrace Digital Invoicing

Managing a digital marketing business can sometimes feel less like a marketing service and more like an email-answering one. Everyone needs to communicate constantly, and it’s tough to stay organized, especially when money is involved.

Are you sick of heading to the scanner or fax machine to manage your invoices? Or, if you’ve already digitized your services, do you want to bring them all together on the same interface?

Free Merchant Terminal lets you manage all your invoices from your merchant account. That means you won’t have to bounce back and forth between another online payment service and your own documents. Instead, you can maintain your invoice archives as far back as your business’ fledgling start, organizing and accessing them as you please.

You’ll also be able to send out new invoices from your merchant account with Free Merchant Terminal, keeping all your business within the secure boundaries of the payment processing platform.

Automate Your Online Billing

Likewise, you can arrange it so that Free Merchant Terminal charges your clients on a monthly basis without your involvement. Clients that arrange payment with you through Free Merchant Terminal are able to use a subscription service to receive updates on their bills and pay off any due charges at their leisure.

Thanks to the automation behind this process, you’ll be able to sit back and relax while Free Merchant Terminal’s algorithms check in with your clients and make sure your flow of cash remains steady. Free Merchant Terminal’s easy-to-use platform will also keep the process of paying the bills simple for your clients, removing the need for you to troubleshoot any transactions that take place over the course of the month. 

Professionalism in Sales Reports

Because Free Merchant Terminal also keeps detailed notes on your business transactions, you’ll be able to present clients and peers alike with a professional and all-encompassing report of previous payments, income earned, and other financial details.  

There’s no need to rely upon your own mathematical ability or formulas in a spreadsheet. Instead, Free Merchant Terminal will do the work for you, ensuring the safety of clients’ personal details while also arranging data in such a way to be aesthetically pleasing, accessible, and professional.