Making a House a Home with Free Merchant Terminal

There’s a distinct difference between home warranties and homeowner’s insurance—and that difference makes some people nervous. As a warranty provider, you’re looking to help clients turn the new house they’ve bought into a home they can afford. You’ll need to reassure them, offer them security, and keep billing for your services as simple and straightforward as possible.

Warranty programs have a reputation that can make it difficult to open up a storefront for your Home Warranty Program. Whether you’re collecting dues on a monthly or yearly basis, you’re working with clients fresh into escrow who may be inconsistent in their payments.

With Free Merchant Terminal, you can:

Track Payment History

Keep an eye on client payments and payment history over the course of your partnerships

Automate Billing Process

Access payment processing online and offline as necessary

Recurring Billing

Set up recurring billing with your clients to make the payment process simpler

Secure Servers

Ensure that private information remains private on Free Merchant Terminal’s secure

Present Professionalism

Buying a home may seem romantic, but, in reality, the process involves a heavy amount of stress. Your clients may come to you already worn out, testy, and unsure of where they should commit their money to afford future security.

Free Merchant Terminal can help you assuage their fears. Free Merchant Terminal keeps its payment processing and other features easy to use, and the platform is enthusiastic about its security.

This means that whenever your clients go to use Free Merchant Terminal, either to pay your service fees or to commit to a monthly payment, they’ll feel confident in the safety of their payment information.

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Establish Client History

The process of paying back a home warranty takes time. As such, you need to establish a clear and precise client history every time you take on a new client. Your own spreadsheets may serve in a pinch, but Free Merchant Terminal’s digital invoice library tracks client payments automatically.


Identifying client payment trends is much simpler when you have primary evidence of submitted payments at your fingertips, online and offline. That way, if you notice that a client’s payments are coming later and later, you can intervene with the courtesy of a personalized email or phone call.

An Accessible Platform for Everyone

Because the business of home warranties places so much stress on your clients and you, accessibility becomes king among merchant platform features.


The ability to access your business files online and offline is just one way that Free Merchant Terminal makes its platform accessible. If questions do arise, either on your end or on that of your client, Free Merchant Terminal has an active and friendly customer service center established with representatives prepared to answer questions.


Free Merchant Terminal takes the guesswork out of securing your home warranty business. When you use Free Merchant Terminal to house your platform, you’ll be able to conduct business confidently. That confidence rubs off on your clients and makes operating your business smoother, simpler, and more enjoyable for everyone involved.