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Credit repair companies assist individuals whose credit has been damaged by information reported to the credit agencies. These companies search for incorrect information and file disputes with the credit bureaus, as well as provide customer guidance on improving credit standings. It’s an industry built mostly upon legwork, because many people won’t have the time or knowledge required to face down the credit bureaus. Taking that burden off your customers makes for a great business model.

Free Merchant Terminal can help!

While credit repair is an extremely helpful tool, the industry itself is inherently risky.

Merchants take on substantial risk, because low credit often comes with an inability to pay off debts. Some customers may have trouble affording your cost of service, and that’s just one reason traditional payment processors are often wary of supporting such businesses.

If you’re fed up with difficult payment processors with high fees and heavy maintenance, consider switching to Free Merchant Terminal. Free Merchant Terminal will help you draw in more customers by providing simple, secure payment options that build trust on both sides.

At Free Merchant Terminal, you can:


Alternative Payment Method

Take payments from alternative sources, so customers can use their preferred method.


Supported payment options

Reassure customers that your business is legitimate by using private third-party payment servers.


Fraud Proof

Protect your company from fraud and fraudulent payments.


High Quality Service

Process both small and large payments with the same payment processor.

Big Debts and Small Debts

  • Credit repair companies often suffer from distrust on both sides.
  • Customers worry about being scammed and continuing to deal with the same poor credit.
  • Merchants worry about not receiving payment after providing the credit repair services.
  • Free Merchant Terminal’s secure interface soothes worries on all sides.

Debts come in all sizes, and whether you’re collecting a smaller payment or one that reaches into multiple thousands of dollars, you need a payment processor that’s strong enough to process all of them.

At Free Merchant Terminal, you can use a variety of payment options, so your clients can make payments of all sizes with ease. That includes modern options such as Apple Pay and traditional options such as all major credit cards.

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The good news is that Free Merchant Terminal can help both you and your customers that shell out thousands of dollars. Free Merchant Terminal will help you take payments and protect your business at the same time.

Credit Repair

Keep Fraud at Bay

Tracking down fraudulent payments is difficult and time-consuming. If you’re left on your own to handle fraud, you’ll have less time to actually help your customers, and your business’s profits will suffer. At the same time, you shouldn’t have to contract another company just to help you with potential fraud

  • At Free Merchant Terminal, you can rest easy knowing that you’re always protected from fraud—regardless of how it happens.

Flexible Payment Options

When your company deals with clients on such an individual basis, your pricing model varies by case and by client. Pricing may depend upon how many hours your company spends on a customer’s case or how many reports you have to file, and you need a payment processor that can accept all your payments, no matter how large or how small.

  • Free Merchant Terminal gives you the freedom to use a system that works with you, helping you take payments that reflect your customers’ needs. No matter what rate you charge, Free Merchant Terminal can process it.
  • Credit repair companies often suffer from a bad reputation, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Contact us today for more information on how Free Merchant Terminal can help.