Quick and Efficient: Free Merchant Terminal and Direct Marketing

In an age where ad-blindness is commonplace, businesses are seeking a more direct way to communicate with their audiences. Social media has helped numerous companies develop their brands, but direct marketing surpasses user feeds and brings potential consumers straight to you.

As a marketer, you already know that the direct marketing industry has a bad reputation. Unwanted text messages, flyers, and other forms of targeted advertising can be dismissed as spam. Worse, the unreliable success rates can make it difficult for your to secure a merchant account or storefront in this industry.

That’s where Free Merchant Terminal comes in. With Free Merchant Terminal, you can access:

Accessing Invoice

A quick onboarding process, designed to get your merchant account up and running immediately

Automate Billing Process

Security features that keep the private information of you and your clients safeguarded

Automated Reminders

Automated client billing and billing reminders

Access Digital Invoice

Client history in the form of a digital invoice library

Hit the Ground Running

Direct marketing focuses on efficiency. You take a client’s advertisements straight to the audience through text messages, outdoor flyers, and direct contact. Because speed is a priority, you don’t want to waste time setting up your merchant account when you could spend that time connecting.

Free Merchant Terminal keeps its onboarding process simple. You’ll be able to create your merchant account and have it running within 48 hours. If you need help with particular details, Free Merchant Terminal also has customer service representatives readily available to smooth out the onboarding process as necessary.

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Client Tracking and History

It’s easy to get lost in the details of a direct marketing campaign. Halfway through a project with a client, you’ll want to check in and make sure all the financial semantics on your side are operating smoothly. That means diving into the client’s work history, as well as ensuring all your due payments have arrived as expected.


To make accessing client history easier, Free Merchant Terminal stores the invoices you send out and the data on payments you receive in a digital library, which you can access online or offline. With client histories at your fingertips, you’ll be able to keep a closer eye on client payments and ensure that appropriate billing reminders go out when they’re needed.

Automated Billing Services

Creating advertisements for direct marketing campaigns requires time and patience. To ensure you have all the time necessary to work on a marketing campaign, Free Merchant Terminal allows you to set up automated billing with your clients.


Discuss billing schedules with your individual clients, and then set up the customized processes in the Free Merchant Terminal system. Your clients will receive an email every month from the Free Merchant Terminal system, reminding them that their bill is coming due, and they can then issue that payment without any assistance or input from you.


With that financial element out of your hands, you’ll be free to dedicate your attention to the creative and systematic elements of direct marketing. That’s the freedom Free Merchant Terminal provides.