Is your merchant acquiring solution supporting your clients in the best way?


Whether your customers want to accept payments online, via a terminal, software, or even with a smartphone or tablet, they will be able to do so efficiently and safely with Free Merchant Terminal.

Free Merchant Terminal gives you the tools and resources to control the integration process to provide a customized experience for your clients. Our integrated payments process includes:

  • Flexible and open APIs
  • Multiple onboarding methods
  • Scalable transaction processing
  • Robust reporting and reconciliation options

By partnering with Free Merchant Terminal, you will enjoy many benefits including:


Our advanced technology is developed in-house, never outsourced, by an award-winning team of developers. Having a dedicated direct technology team allows us to have an edge over the competition.


Free Merchant Terminal competitive revenue sharing program and bundled pricing help our partners work more efficiently by increasing sales with less cost per transaction. We provide you with the tools, services and support to increase your clients’ sales and maximize your income.


To help you grow your business, Free Merchant Terminal provides sales training, co-branded marketing opportunities, lead generation expertise and ongoing support. When you partner with Free Merchant Terminal, you’re joining a CNP and American Business award-winning company — one that has received awards for putting its technology and customer service first and foremost.

What Sets Free Merchant Terminal Apart?

Free Merchant Terminal PARTNER SUPPORT

With Free Merchant Terminal, you get direct access to a partner team who will walk you through every stage of the integration process. Our award-winning customer service and direct support options are what differentiates Free Merchant Terminal.


PCI compliance doesn’t just pertain to merchants and businesses who process payment transactions. Compliance also applies to our partners who’s software integrates into our payment platforms. The scope of PCI ISV and VAR responsibility continues to expand as more clients request payment integration with their projects. Not only must these applications work, but they also have to comply with PCI guidelines to maintain data security.


There are a variety of ways to accept payments within your software, ranging from simple to full payment integrations. As a Free Merchant Terminal partner, we’ve provided developer resources to help decide which solution is right for you.

  • We provide a free Integration Selector. Use this interactive decision tree to help you choose the best configuration for your online store.
  • If you’re looking for full payment integration with advanced customization options, our API credit card processing solutions allow you to design your pages from the ground up using any programming language.


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