7 Key Terms for Understanding Pay at the Table Payment

7 Key Terms for Understanding Pay at the Table Payment Processing for Your Restaurant

Regardless of whether your restaurant is part of a large chain or an intimate bistro, an EMV compliant pay at the table system dramatically advances your service capabilities. Payment processing done right there at the guests’ table provides convenience, ensures security, and increases efficiency.
The first step is to become familiar with industry terminology to make your restaurant payment processing systems EMV compliant and offer pay at the table.

Restaurant Business Terminology

  • Merchant: That’s your restaurant. Your restaurant sells goods and services and accepts debit and credit card payments.
  • Acquirer: The bank with which you, the merchant, will be working. The acquirer will open a merchant’s account. Through this merchant account, the acquirer will handle payment processing on terms that both parties agree to, including policy considerations like chargebacks and refunds.
  • Cardholder: That’s the customer or guest who will be paying the merchant for goods and services. Other than cash or the occasional cheque, cardholders will use debit cards or credit cards to pay at your restaurant.
  • Issuer: The bank with which the cardholder holds an account. The issuer supplies debit and credit cards to the cardholder and handles payment processing at the cardholder’s end.

Restaurant Pay at the Table Payment Processor Providers

  • Point of Sale System Provider: The technological brain of your business – how it runs, and how it’s managed. Point of Sale systems track inventory, text and email receipts, analyze customer and sales data, perform invoicing, manage employee schedules, and gratuity consolidation.
  • Hardware Provider: This is the company that manufactures the physical – metal and plastic – hand-held device. This device is called the payment terminal, or a point of sale terminal, or a credit card terminal. This device houses the software payment processor allowing merchant and cardholder to manually enter information about the transaction and also insert, dip, or swipe a credit or debit card. The device comes in a wireless, portable format that allows you to perform pay at the table payment transactions.
  • Software Provider: The software that performs the transactions between cardholder and merchant, and merchant and acquirer. This software reconciles payments. They connect to various card associations and supply authorization and settlement services and move money from the issuer to the acquirer. As complex as this process is, software payment processors can complete this task within seconds.

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Our Liquor POS solution

Inventory Management

Inventory Management is a crucial element of success in the liquor industry and our Liquor Store POS software solution is built accordingly. Features include tracking an unlimited number of SKU’s, providing an intuitive format to manage vendor relationships, aiding in Loss Prevention, Case Break Inventory, and the Free Merchant Terminal Liquor Store POS system will Generate and Receive Purchase Orders. The system generates 100+ reports on every aspect of your business. Knowledge is power and the Free Merchant Terminal point of sale software system organizes your store’s information in a way that makes it easy to make informed decisions to help streamline existing operations and drive future growth.

ID Verification

One of the greatest risks every Liquor Store owner faces is the state licensing process. Securing a license and maintaining it is paramount to success. Free Merchant Terminal Liquor POS system provides store owners with ID Verification Scanners to eliminate the possibility of human error when typing in erroneous birth dates. The Customer ID functionality also links to the point of sale software system’s Customer Database, making it easy to link to Reward/Loyalty Programs and Wholesale/Special Pricing.

Customer Management Tool

From time-to-time, the random out-of-town customer may pop in to purchase a few bottles of wine or spirits while on vacation, but typically a store’s success is built on customers that frequent the establishment on a regular basis, and often it’s worth it to thank them via discounts and loyalty programs. Free Merchant Terminal Liquor POS system includes a full Loyalty Program and gift card processing to help build a brand.

Mix & Match Bottle Pricing

No industry generates as many sales in the Mix & Match category as the beer, wine, and spirits industry. Once you begin to fully leverage Free Merchant Terminal advanced data analysis and customized reporting functionality, you will have insight into your market’s buying patterns and be able to prepare Mix & Match marketing campaigns to offer your market more of what it wants, thereby increasing sales and profitability.

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Tobacco Point of Sale System by Free Merchant Terminal

Have What Your Customers Want

TOBACCO POS SYSTEM Inventory Management is a critical function of any tobacco store enterprise. Buy too little inventory and customers are disappointed to find out their favorite stick or blend isn’t available. Buy too much of the wrong products and you can easily wreak havoc on the company’s books. Free Merchant Terminal POS System includes comprehensive Inventory Management functionality that allows you to import existing inventory, track Case Break Inventory, set low stock alerts, and manage all vendor relationships from a single point. The carton-back inventory feature tracks individual cigar and cigarette pack stock levels when boxes and cartons are opened for sale.

Stay Focused on Strategic Business Initiatives

At the end of a busy day when you finally kick back and enjoy that vintage Rocky Patel, you want to know that your business is running smoothly. Our Tobacco POS System is designed for this very purpose – to help streamline your tobacco business operation, so that you can stay focused on higher-level decisions, thereby providing increased value to your customers and driving consistent sales and income growth.

Even A Scale

You can’t sell loose-leaf tobacco without a scale. At Free Merchant Terminal we’ve got you covered. Free Merchant Terminal POS System comes with a complete hardware setup, which includes a touchscreen computer, cash drawer, barcode scanner, receipt printer, barcode label printers, and electronic scale. The barcode label printer comes in handy when printing customized labels for individual cigars.

Know Your Customers Better

Free Merchant Terminal Tobacco Point of Sale system includes a robust customer database that tracks your customer’s buying habits and empowers you to develop marketing campaigns that target those habits. The Customer Database allows you to create customized Loyalty Programs, take detailed customer notes, and track order history. With reports, the Free Merchant Terminal software solution helps you turn this valuable data into executable business strategy.

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C-Store POS

C-Store POS By Free Merchant Terminal

Increase Operational Efficiency

he U.S. convenience store industry, with more than 155,000 stores nationwide selling fuel, food, and merchandise, serves 160 million customers daily—half of the U.S. population—and has sales that are 10.8% of total U.S. retail and foodservice sales. As a convenience store owner, you know that efficiency is how you make money. If you pay attention to detail and stay on top of every aspect of the business, convenience stores are an excellent vehicle to build sustainable wealth over time. The Free Merchant Terminal C-Store POS Solution is designed specifically with this thought in mind –how to drive your store to maximum efficiency, thereby improving margins and net profit.

Fast Checkout

When the lunch and after-work rush hits, failure just isn’t an option. There’s nothing worse for a customer than holding a chilled beverage after a hard day’s work and not drinking it because the line at the corner store is taking forever. With Free Merchant Terminal lightning-fast processing speed, checking customers out is as it should be – quick and easy!

Never Run Out of Items That Matter

You never want to lose a sale because you are out of the product, and fortunately, with Free Merchant Terminal smart inventory tracking system, you won’t!  Free Merchant Terminal C-Store POS Solution turns the potential liability of inventory management into a true competitive advantage, utilizing advanced metric reading, data analysis, and customized reporting functionality. Set low stock alerts, and never run out of important items again.

Do More in Less Time

The Free Merchant Terminal C-POS solution empowers you to streamline your business and stay organized because it provides a software answer for nearly every aspect of your operation. Here are just a few additional features: Generate & Receive Purchase Orders, Generate Bar Codes & Shelf Tags, Process Gift Cards for Free, Manage Employee Schedules, Hours, & Wages. And you can manage the entire operation remotely with Free Merchant Terminal remote login functionality.

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Supermarket POS System

Inventory Management

Tracking the inventory of thousands of items is no easy task. Free Merchant Terminal Supermarket POS Solution is designed to turn inventory management into a competitive advantage. Our smart Inventory Management System allows you to track inventory by the pallet, case, item and even the ingredient. That’s right – if you run a deli or sandwich shop in your supermarket, you can track at the ingredient-level. Set low stock alerts, program automated reorder instructions, manage all vendor relations from a single dashboard, and generate and receive purchase orders with ease.

Go Mobile, & Stay Connected

Free Merchant Terminal Supermarket POS Solution includes a mobile-based hardware option that empowers your team to take the point of sale to customers anywhere in the store floor. You can run speedy checkout points during high traffic periods, answer customer inquiries, and track inventory. In addition, you can utilize remote login to track your team’s performance anytime, anywhere.

Customized Solutions

If your supermarket runs a specialty section, such as a deli, coffee shop, or floral shop, Free Merchant Terminal can work to design a custom solution to address every aspect of your business. Integrated scale-technology makes it easy to sell by weight and you can print custom barcode labels or cards to affix to any specialty items you sell.

An All-In-One Solution

Free Merchant Terminal Supermarket POS Solution includes lightning-fast processing speed to ensure that your team can check out customers faster than you ever imagined. But we don’t stop there. Our technology solution addresses every aspect of your supermarket business so that you can manage your entire operation from one platform Sales, Marketing, Legal, HR, Customer Service, and more.

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Dollar Store POS Systems

Track Your Inventory

Dollar Store Businesses hold thousands of items in inventory at any given time. This large inventory count can be quite a challenge at times. Free Merchant Terminal Dollar Store POS Solution includes a crazy smart Inventory Management System that will keep you ahead of the curve. You can track inventory at the item-level in real-time, you always know what you have in stock. Set low stock alerts to automate reorders, manage all your vendor relationships from a single dashboard, and generate and receive purchase orders with ease.

Fast-Checkout Will Keep Your Lines Moving

Free Merchant Terminal Dollar Store POS Solution is powered by a lightning-fast processor that makes customer checkout a breeze. Accept payments in any form, including debit, credit, store card, gift card, cash and more, and process payments in seconds. Free Merchant Terminal checkout technology will have your floor staff operating at the highest levels of efficiency.

Track Employee Performance

All you need is an internet connection to access the Free Merchant Terminal technology platform. If you are out of the store, you can keep tabs on your management team and employees to ensure everyone is doing their part. Set and manage employee schedules, track arrival and departure times, and grant administrative access to your star management team to carry on affairs in your absence.

Grow Customer Engagement to Build Brand

To compete in today’s intensely competitive retail environment, it takes creativity and will-power. One proven method to increase retail sales is to focus on building a loyal base of customers that turn into fans of your brand. Free Merchant Terminal Dollar Store POS Solution enables you to create customized Customer Loyalty Programs, award points, and process redemptions to build your brand for the future.

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Health Food Stores

You Will Be Ready To Answer Customer Questions

The explosion of interest in healthy living over the last 20 years has revolutionized the food industry. Wal-Mart has given way to Whole Foods and Trader Joes and McDonald’s has given way to Panera Bread and Just Fresh. Health food customers tend to be curious and open by nature, and when they visit your store, they will have questions. Free Merchant Terminal POS Solution will help you answer them. Upload information on all of the products you sell into the Free Merchant Terminal System, and then your team can access that information with the swipe and tap of a finger to address every customer question.

Take Control Of Inventory

Whether your health food store keeps hundreds or even thousands of items in stock at any given time, keeping it all organized with Free Merchant Terminal Health Food Point of Sale Solution is a cinch. You can track inventory at the item-level with Case Break functionality, set low stock alerts, create reorder instructions to automate the vendor process, and manage all vendor relationships from a single dashboard.

Integrated Scale & Barcode Technology

Most health food stores sell products by weight and by fixed price. Free Merchant Terminal Health Food POS Solution takes both into account and includes integrated scale technology and the ability to price custom labels and cards for any items in your store. Accept payments in any form including debit, credit, store, or gift card, cash, and mobile payment.

Build Your Brand

Deepen customer engagement and build your brand for the long-term by leveraging the Free Merchant Terminal Health Food Point of Sale Solution to create Customer Loyalty Programs. You can print and issue cards, award points, and process redemptions with ease. In addition, you can market directly to your loyal fan base, and offer them the discounts and coupons they deserve.

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Restaurant POS Systems

Do You Need a POS System in a Restaurant?

POS stands for Point of Sale, a system that is used throughout the restaurant and retail industry. This computerized system allows business owners to track sales, cash flow, food inventory and can help simplify your bookkeeping enormously.

Why POS Good for a Restaurant

The high volume of cash and credit cards that pass through a restaurant each day make a POS system a necessity. Not only does a POS system track every penny of your sales, but many POS programs also act as credit card processors. This makes swiping credit cards more secure for both the customer and the business. Servers are accountable for all their sales, and it is impossible to alter checks on the computer unless you have the password. This helps cut down on employee theft.

The Benefits

One benefit of a Resturant POS system is that it simplifies communications between the kitchen and the wait staff. Orders go through the computer, directly to the kitchen printer. Another benefit of a restaurant POS program is that it can track everything from food usage to the most popular menu items. Because the POS system acts as a time clock, it can also help prepare payroll. This can save you a lot of money in your bookkeeping department. Along with the daily operations of running a restaurant, a POS system can organize profit and loss statements and sales tax.


The most obvious drawback to any POS system is that it is a computer, and subject to all the same technological whims. If it happens to crash and you don’t have a backup, then you risk losing all your data, not just sales, but profit and loss statements and payroll statements. Important stuff that the IRS may want to examine someday. So, always have a backup.

Warranty Issues

Remember all that money you saved on bookkeeping? You may end up spending it on your tech guy, to help set up the POS and perform any troubleshooting. A POS system doesn’t have the same lifespan as a good old-fashioned cash register. You will need to replace parts, update software and eventually need to replace it entirely with a new model. New POS systems come with limited warranties and tech support, but just like every other piece of equipment, the problems always seem to start after the warranty has run out.

Where to Find POS For Your Restaurants?

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Choose a Point of Sale for University Dining Locations

Get The Best POS System for University Dining

Millennials have grown up with technology and convenience. Why should they expect anything else when it comes to university diners, cafeterias, or restaurants? Whether it’s a cafe or university club restaurant, the Point of Sales needs for college campuses need to cater to the needs of today’s students.

Choose a Point of Sale for University Dining, With multiple locations, a POS for university diners needs to handle diverse menus for different cultures, different nutritional needs for students, and handling thousands of students at different times of the day.

  • Does the system need stand-alone kiosks, self-service point-of-sale devices, and/or more traditional cashier-driven services?
  • Does it need to account for cash, credit, debit, and other cashless transactions?
  • Do you need it to handle different languages?

A modern tablet POS system, like Free Merchant Terminal, can handle all of that.


If you’re considering adding or changing your campus POS solution, here are some of the features you will want to look for in your next system:

  1. Multi-language and currency conversion
  2. Ingredient inventory and cost per item tracking
  3. Custom ordering
  4. Online or offline use
  5. Bar code scanning
  6. Cash drawer management
  7. Digital, paper, electronic receipts

Choose a Point of Sale for University Dining with Full Back Office and Management Control

The POS system isn’t just for the students, though. Linking systems across campus dining locations provide an easy platform for inventory management and distribution. Here’s what a modern POS system should do to make managing university foodservice easier:

  1. Customize menu and food options
  2. Modify pricing with automatic adjustments
  3. Deliver custom alerts based on pre-set parameters
  4. Custom receipts and kitchen tickets
  5. Integrate with KDS to show what’s needed
  6. Custom access and permission settings

Your system should also be able to track inventory costs over time, calculate ingredient costs as you change menu items, and provide detailed sales reporting to help you hone your offerings. It should also track peak hours of student dining so that you can adjust staffing and operate within a budget.

Choosing the Right POS System For University Dining Starts Here!

he right POS system can streamline your university dining operations and satisfy the foodservice needs of a diverse and growing student customer base.

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Choose a Pizza POS System

How to choose the Right Pizza POS System

The pizza industry is one of the most cutthroat and competitive industries today. As the typical food customer has evolved, so has the pizza industry. According to Technoomic, pizza is trending at its highest level in the past four years. Think about the rise in Fast Casual establishments and how the millennial generation has influenced businesses. For god’s sake, even Dominos is offering salad options. Did you ever think you would see the day? Pizza has been around for a long time, and the industry shouldn’t expect to go anywhere anytime soon. That’s why pizzerias belong in their own category. Think about it, has the sandwich industry or breakfast industry evolved as much as the pizza industry has? Since pizza restaurants are in a category by themselves, they require their own set of technology or point of sale needs to run their business effectively and efficiently. Continue reading for a few POS features you should keep in mind when purchasing a POS system for your pizza restaurant.

1. Online Ordering

Did you know online pizza orders are 18% higher than pizza orders taken by phone? That’s huge! It’s easy to see why big pizza names like Dominos and Papa Johns have robust online ordering systems. Today, you can order a pizza in just a few easy clicks from your computer or smartphone device and it arrives at your residence within 20-30 minutes. The key aspect that people enjoy is the convenience of it. Think about if the tables were turned. You have had a long day, and cooking for yourself is out of the question, and you are not in the mood for a sit-down meal at a restaurant. What are you most likely to order online? Hopefully, it’s pizza. Online ordering systems can appear complex if you’re not the most tech-savvy. However, most POS companies who offer online ordering add-ons can help set it up with you. As a plus, the POS system is integrated so you can keep track of your online menu as you would your in-store menu.

2. Menu Customization

It’s important you give your customers options. The typical cheese pizza just doesn’t cut it these days. Healthy, organic food options are trending right now. Millennials especially want something different. What’s better than finding a POS system that allows you to customize the pie by the slice? It doesn’t sound fun for the kitchen, but it gives your customers more options and sets you apart from the competition. What about different sauces? What about different crust options? When you appeal to every type of customer, you bring in more business.

3. Delivery Management

Today, when most people think of food delivery, the first thing they think of is pizza. The pizza wasn’t the first meal that inspired food delivery systems, but defiantly was the reason for delivery evolution. With delivery, you have to think about timing, keeping your delivery drivers in line, and making sure the customer’s menu item gets to them in perfect condition. It seems like a lot, but a point of sale system built with the pizza in mind can manage all of this for you, plus some. From tracking your delivery drivers’ locations to routing your drivers on the fastest routes, a good POS system can make your delivery operations

4. Comprehensive Sales Reporting

There is a lot of moving parts when it comes to running a successful pizza establishment. Fortunately, there are also a lot of moving companies that can offer help.  In order to be successful, it’s important to look at what happens from the time the pizza is ordered to when it reaches the table. You will want to identify which types of pizza, toppings, etc. are selling the most versus which ones aren’t. If you have an integrated online ordering system, you can compare and analyze your sales to what’s happening in-store. If there are menu items that are not selling online but are selling in-store, it’s an easy process of removing them from a quality point of sale system.

5. Inventory

Whether you are serving the picky cheese only customer or the customer who wants a pie with 20 different toppings, a good pizza always has a lot of ingredients in it. As the main cost for any restaurant, a POS system that has inventory management can be crucial to the success of a restaurant. Whether you’re serving a few pies a day, or your Papa John’s serving thousands, not calculating your inventory costs correctly can cost your pizza establishment hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Your goal should be to use every ingredient you pay for. It can seem overwhelming if you think about doing it manually, but if you decide to automate it, you can save a lot in money and you will surely see a decrease in food waste

6. Loyalty

Customers are dying for a piece of the pie, and loyalty participation is what pizza powerhouses are making a killing with. Dominos and Papa Johns are pioneering and creating a new meaning for customer loyalty, and they aren’t making it difficult either. They both are constantly creating and implementing new loyalty programs, and most are pretty basic that even the local Mom and Pop could implement. Their secret is only listening to what the customer wants and giving it to them. The result is a huge payout and a killer customer experience.

Your POS Solution Is Free Merchant Terminal For You Pizza POS Needs!

You are probably asking yourself, aren’t these features important for other restaurant types? The answer is yes, but a POS system that caters to these features and is pizza specific makes things only so much better. Not all POS systems are created equal and not all come with customizable menu options specific to pizza, loyalty programs with pizza specific programs, a robust inventory management system, and delivery management capabilities. You should never buy a POS software because you were told it worked in many restaurants nationwide. What types of restaurants is the better question? It’s important you find a POS system that works for your pizza restaurant. A POS system is an investment in your business, and pizza specific features can only mold and grow your restaurant to bigger and better things.

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